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Metal Roofing Replacement

Metal Roof Installations

Paramount Roofing and Remodeling LLC specializes in metal roofing, as well as other types of roofing systems. We have the equipment and expertise to handle all of your roofing needs, including roof repair, roof replacement, and new roof installation.


Metal roofing may not be the first option many property owners consider when reroofing or constructing a new building, but perhaps it should be. Metal roofing has unique characteristics compared to other roofing materials, and these differences are often associated with notable advantages in terms of performance and longevity. 


An asphalt shingle roof can wear out in 15-20 years when exposed to severe weather like intense sunlight or heavy snowfall that causes ice dams to form along roof eaves. In contrast, metal roofing stands up exceptionally well to all weather extremes. It’s a safe bet to say that a properly installed metal roof will last for 40 – 60 years.

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